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Dr. Hochstrate Maschinenbau

Decades of experience

The industrial history of the Ennepe-Ruhr-Area is inextricably linked with the name Hochstrate as an entrepreneur and a supplier of machine components for coal mining.

Despite the fact that many companies went out of business after the decline of coal mining, the Dr. Hochstrate group managed to deal with a completely altered market situation and captured an important market segment in the sheet metal manufacturing industry.

About 40 years ago, we developed a modern hydraulic bending machine. Some years later we increased our range of machines by developing a full hydraulic plate shear.

Since then we have improved our machines continuously. In collaboration with local universities and colleges we increased and optimized the range of functions as well as the precision of our machines.

Our machines are setting new standards!

German quality and satisfied customers worldwide

Every machine is engineered, manufactured and tested in Germany. We believe this is the only way of reaching and sustaining a level of quality and reliability you expect from our machines. 

Thanks to our efficient and lean serial production we are able to offer you every machine with the best price-performance ratio. Satisfied customers worldwide prove us right.

Make your decision for a machine “Made in Germany”!