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plate shear

Leading through innovation - Plate Shears - TS

Full hydraulic controlled shears for sheet metal thicknesses from 1-15mm / 19ga to 0,59 inch and cutting lengths from 1000-6000 mm /39,37 to 236,22 inch
Precision cutting, simple and comfortable handling, low maintenance through a fully controlled hydraulic drive!

Highest precision due to new developments from Dr. Hochstrate Maschinenbau

Highest accuracy and resistant construction
The Plate Shear is characterized like the bending machine by a robust and durable welded construction, thus the weight could be reduced compared to conventional machines. Through continuous development of fully hydraulic technology, Dr. Hochstrate Maschinenbau shears are known for precise cuts with a simple and convenient operation. It provides you with a perfect, low-maintenance, hydraulic drive machine for a wide variety of applications.

Technical data

operating Voltage: 400 V
Power Consumption: 5 up to 30 kW
Voltage: 24V DC
Hydraulic Pressure: 50 - 400 hPa


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